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An ideal combination of impressive credentials, strong principles, a passion for entrepreneurship, and an acute business acumen - that's what defines the kind of Real Estate Broker Sandra Williams is.

Aside from being a licensed Broker, Principal of Her own Real Estate Business called Harmony Estates, Sandra holds a Bachelor's Degree in Gender Studies and a Master's Degree in Global Politics. She also has a Barretts Values Centre Model Certification as well as a USC Multicultural Leadership Certification.

For the past 14 years, Sandra successfully managed and grew her family's business and honed her skills in Private Money, Loan Servicing, Debt Fund, and Restoration Investments. This was her introduction to the business, and she has since fallen in love with the idea of helping people achieve a balance between reaching investment ROI and meeting Quality of Life metrics. Now she has chosen to build her own legacy, with Harmony Estates. She is honored by the privilege it is to shepard a milestone Real Estate offers for Families generational wealth.

Sandra is driven by her own story of personal evolution. She believes that as she constantly evolves, her capacity for greater expansion develops. She's extremely goal-oriented and strives to take on business transactions with a calculated and logical approach. Combined with her natural inclination to be people-centric and lifestyle-focused, this allows Sandra to meet her client's unique real estate goals and deliver on their expectations at all levels.

She specializes in matching fellow entrepreneurs, young professionals, and first-time home buyers with their dream home or investment property of their desire. She particularly enjoys working providing quality educational resources for the community. In fact, she has created a network of loyal clients around these circles.

Traveling is another of Sandra's passions. She has been fortunate enough to have traversed much of the globe, and she's looking forward to expanding her personal and professional horizons moving forward. Sandra is committed to redefining and expressing what women in business can embody in the marketplace.

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